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jersey-city-lawyer-childs-injuryPersonal injury can be a complicated area of practice. It can sometimes be difficult to find who is at fault for a person’s accident. When it comes to accidents with children, things can get even more complex. It’s important to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side when you are dealing with a child’s injuries.

What if my child was injured by someone else?

Children rely on adults to care for them and show them the way. They require constant supervision since they are not properly equipt to deal with situations that can be potentially dangerous. When children are injured because of negligence on the part of their supervisor, whether it be a teacher, counselor, day care monitor or other trusted adult, they can be held at fault for the damages their carelessness caused. Making sure your child is safe and sound is always the most important concern. Hiring an attorney who is well versed in personal injury and who will fight to get your child compensation for his/her pain and suffering should be your next priority.

Types of Child’s Injury Due to Negligence

The most common places where children are injured:

  • playground
  • swimming pool
  • amusement park
  • car ride
  • crosswalk
  • day care or school
  • playing with faulty toys or products

Children can easily be injured because of faulty equipment at a playground or amusement park. They can also be injured because of the carelessness of the adult who is trusted with their safety in a possibly dangerous situation. In addition, if a child plays with a toy or game that was not crafted with the proper care, they may suffer an injury.

A child may also be harmed by the hand of other children. Bullying should never be tolerated, especially when it becomes physical. If an adult witnessed a child being bullied and did not take the appropriate action, they may also be at fault.

Make sure that your child is always taken care of by someone you trust. Don’t allow them drive with adults who do not seem to be careful behind the wheel, or let them swim at a friend’s house if a parent or guardian is not there to provide constant supervision. Also, get to know the friends your child plays with and make certain they are not abusive to your child in any way.

Difficulties with Children’s Injury Lawsuits

An issue when it comes to filing a claim for your child’s injury is proving who is at fault. With children, it is often hard to get a straight answer. They may not be forthcoming if it means telling on a friend or involves something embarrassing. Children may also not entirely understand what happened to them and become scared and confused when explaining their situation. If an adult was not witness to the accident, it can be difficult to get a proper account of the incident. Experienced Jersey City injury attorney Anthony Carbone will always leave no stone unturned when investigating the injury of a client — especially when it comes to children.

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