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jersey city security guard assaults lawyer anthony carboneIf you go to an event, such as a concert or a ball game, you trust that the security guards will protect you from harm. But if become injured as a result of a security guard’s actions? What are your next steps? Can you sue?

If you are injured because of a negligent action caused by a security guard or bouncer, you have the right to bring a personal injury suit against that person as well as his/her employer. If this happens to you, then you should contactJersey City personal injury lawyer Anthony Carbone for a free consultation.

When You Are Injured by a Security Guard’s Negligence

It is the job of a security guard to protect others from harm and to prevent crimes from occurring. And as such security guards and bouncers can use a reasonable amount of force in certain situations. But this does not give the security guard the right to act in a negligent manner. Even causing injury can be considered a reckless action and open up the possibility of a lawsuit.

For example, you’re a customer at a local bank. You get into a disagreement with the teller. Before getting into a serious confrontation, you step away and begin to leave the bank. However, the security guard comes over to find out what is going on. Once again, you become angry but before you have a chance to calm down or leave, the security guard grabs you and shoves you out of the bank, causing you to fall and injure your arm. This is definitely a case of negligence.

The Employer Can be Held Responsible

If the security guard or bouncer an employee of the venue, then it may be possible to hold the employer liable for the employee’s actions. For example, if a bouncer acts in an improper way because he wasn’t trained, then this can be a case where the employer is responsible. However, if the employee acts in an extreme manner, it may not be the employer’s fault.

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