The following are excerpts of some of the testimonials Jersey City personal injury lawyer Anthony Carbone has received from clients over the past 26 years:

Mr. Carbone has represented me on three personal injury cases as well as other cases. He has also represented my family on different matters. He was able to recover more than what I was even expecting for my accident cases. I appreciate his honest assessment and that he delivers what he promises. He has a no nonsense style and does not sugarcoat anything. I wanted an attorney that could represent me aggressively and fight for what I was entitled to and he did that. Through all the years that he has been representing me, it has become very clear to me that he works very hard to represent his clients and obtain good results. I will forever be grateful to him and his staff. – Mrs. Ebneter

I will highly recommend Mr Anthony Carbone to anyone seeking legal representation. The day I walked into his office and decided to retain Mr Carbone to handle my personal affairs has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.. Recently I had two court cases, which both turned out to be in my favor and I know for a fact that I would have lost them both had Mr. Carbone not given me the opportunity to have his office represent me. He also has the most friendly and efficient staff that have, on occasion, made doctor and lab appointments for me. He has the ability to make me feel at ease during any legal discussions because he is so attentive. I will always feel confident with any legal matter I have in the future as long as Mr Carbone is my attorney. – Deborah Gilbert

It has been more than 2 years since I came to the law office of Atty. Carbone to handle my slip and fall on ice injury case. I had waited this long and although I trusted and relied on him 100 percent, I was still hoping that the time will come that my case will come to a close. And after a long and frustrating wait, I was rewarded with a satisfactory decision by the Jersey City Court. I praise Attorney Carbone and also his office staffs for sticking and guiding me all the way that let to a very successful closure of my slip and fall case. Highly recommended!!! – Sonny J.

It is very difficult to find an attorney that is both aggressive, effective, but still incredibly loyal and understanding to his clients. Mr. Carbone undoubtedly fits these characteristics and continuously proves to what extent he is willing to go to assure he wins your case. I have worked with Mr. Carbone on various cases, and have yet to be disappointed. I absolutely recommended him for any legal matters you may have -he really values your outcome, and although he’s all business in the courtroom, he genuinely cares about his clients’ situations. Hands down, the best!! – Rufina Bruno