Taxi Accidents

Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer Jersey City NJThere are many reasons to take taxis on a regular basis.  Whether you’re in an unfamiliar area and unsure about driving, or you don’t want to pay for parking at the airport, people use taxis every day to get to where they have to go.  Anyone who travels by taxi regularly knows that sometimes you get a driver that puts you on the edge of your seat.  While most taxi drivers know the road like the back of their hand, you cannot assume this when hopping into a cab.  There are certain qualifications you must have to be a taxi driver, but if the organization your cab driver works for doesn’t do a thorough background check, you could be trusting your life to someone who isn’t competent behind the wheel.

Regardless of your drivers qualifications, you can still get into an accident. If you get into an accident while riding in a taxi cab in Jersey City, contact experienced personal injury lawyer Anthony Carbone for a free consultation. You may be entitled to compensation.

Taxi Accidents Can Cause Severe Injuries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 11,000 cab drivers in the New York metropolitan area.  While the chances of an accident while in a taxi are low, the possibility of injury is high. In 2006, a study found that taxi and livery cabs had fewer accidents than other New York drivers, yet the accidents resulted in more serious injuries for the passengers.

The reason for this is uncertain, but possibly because cab passengers are less likely to wear seat belts. Another reason could be the plastic partition that separates the front of the cab from the back. Whatever the reason, passengers in accidents have experienced severe injuries such as brain injuries, broken bones, whiplash, and soft tissue damage.

What to Do After a Cab Accident

If you get into an accident in a taxi cab, follow these steps:

  1. If injured, seek medical assistance immediately.
  2. Get the name and identification number of the taxi driver. If he/she isn’t self-employed, make sure you get contact information for the taxi company.
  3. Get information for the other driver involved in the accident.
  4. Make sure you get statements from any witnesses involved.
  5. Take any photographs of the scene.

And remember, the most important step: contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone as soon as possible. For the past 26 years, we’ve been handling all types of auto accidents and know how to deal with the insurance companies. If you’ve been in an accident, you’re going to need an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side. Contact us today for a free consultation.