What is a Jitney Bus?

what-is-jitney-busJitney buses – also known as immi buses, guaguas, shuttle buses, “Spanish buses,” gypsy buses or dollar vans, can be frequently seen around the New Jersey/New York area. If you have never traveled in one before, you probably are not familiar with this form of transportation, other than seeing it on the road and wondering what it is and where it came from.

What is a Jitney Bus?

Jitneys are privately owned vehicles that take passengers back and forth from New York City and New Jersey. Their schedules are not published, because they change based on where and when people get on and off the bus. There is a general map of the area they service that can be found here. They are less reliable than regular buses that arrive and depart on scheduled times, but are still appealing because of their low bus fares and frequent trips.

This form of transportation is convenient, but can also put you in danger if you don’t have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage on your insurance. Jitney buses are considered commercial vehicles, so they are not required to carry PIP coverage. If you are injured on a jitney, you may not be able to receive compensation for the accident, so it is important to know what you’re getting into before you ride.

If You’ve Been In a Jitney Bus Accident

It can be difficult to find out who pays your bills if you are in a jitney bus accident. If you’ve been injured in a jitney bus, or in any other automobile accident, contact Anthony Carbone today. Our Jersey City attorney will fight your claim against the jitney bus company and make sure you are awarded the compensation you’re owed.

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